Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+


What is it? Tinted SPF50+.

What does/should it do? Protect you from the sun, with a tint to even out skin tone and provide a bit of colour.

Repurchase? I’m on my fourth tube.

SPF is the most important skincare I own, and one I’ve learned is worth the investment. There is no point buying a cheap SPF from the supermarket if you hate it and then never wear it. If you find something cheap, and you like it, I absolutely have no problem with that (and also, please tell me what it is in the comments/slide into my DMs).

Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ is one I’m glad I took the risk of spending the money on. It ticks all the SPF boxes for me:

  • Certified 50+ in Australia (Australian certification is some of the most stringent in the world)
  • Doesn’t make me feel like a greaseball 
  • Doesn’t sting my eyes
A bonus for me, but something to consider, is that Protection Plus is a tinted SPF. I use this as a base a good chunk of the time because it’s a good colour for me and I prefer sheer or light coverage. It has yellow undertones – perfect for me, but probably won’t suit you if you’ve pink undertones. I doubt it will be a good colour for people with dark skin tones (I fake tan myself into the darker end of ‘light’, when we’re talking base shades).

Pre- and immediately post-Alpha-H Protection Plus slathered onto my face.

Pre-Alpha-H Protection Plus on my face, and five minutes after.

As you can see, even though it evens out my skin tone I would still need prefer a bit of concealer around my nose, and under my eyes. I do take this SPF up underneath my eyes with no stinging.

Some people who use tinted SPF don’t use the full teaspoon per face/limb to get the necessary coverage. If you’re that person, this SPF isn’t for you. It didn’t occur to me to use less SPF just because it’s tinted. Because the coverage is so sheer on me, I don’t feel like it’s too much. It leaves me with a shine that some days is the perfect glow, and some days I powder, depending on what my actual skin is doing underneath.

Protection Plus does contain actives that aren’t considered reef friendly, if reef-friendly is a concern for you. I don’t put my face, or any of my body, into the ocean (or even anything that’s not the shower), so I’m happy to continue using it. In addition to the active sun protection ingredients, Protection Plus has antioxidants to help protect against and repair sun damage – the combination of Vitamin C and SPF is amazing for preventing and reversing the signs of aging caused by sun exposure. Mango Seed Butter is in there as well, providing your skin vital lipids to help it feel soft and smooth.

There’s no fragrance as such, but it does smell like I expect a base/foundation product to smell. In any case, it doesn’t linger. The SPF goes on feeling like a base – thickish and cooling – but once absorbed, my face just feels nourished rather than greasy. When I touch my face, up to hours after applying, I can feel the sunscreen on my skin, and it also transfers easily onto clothing. It’s probably a bit thick for summer when you’re not keen on anything on your face: I absolutely do feel it on my skin for a good few hours after I apply it, and I expect that’s the Mango Seed Butter. I do use it anyway – in summer, in Australia, you are going to sweat even if your face (and body) is naked. 

I still haven’t found a single SPF that is the one, the one that ticks all the SPF boxes and that’s affordable for both face and body. This one is no good if I’m intending to wear a different base, and it’s an expensive way to cover my arms and legs. As a combination moisturiser, SPF, and sheer coverage base, however, it continues to hold a place in my routine.

Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ 30ml is $30 from Adore Beauty. (This is cheaper per ml than the 50ml; my sneaky little tip for you).

Bonus thoughts: Alpha-H do have other SPFs, but I didn’t get on with them.

The Daily Essential Moisturiser, also an SPF50+, made me feel greasy all day. I have combination-tending-to-oily skin, and especially in my T-zone as the day goes on. If you have a drier face, you might like this one. It didn’t sting my eyes, but it made me feel like a gross blob. I finally used it up on my limbs and loved it as a dual moisturiser/sun protection, but that makes it awfully expensive for a body SPF.

The Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser is SPF 15. I don’t like the idea of only SPF 15, but I decided this one would be fine for a five-minute pop-to-the-shops sort of coverage. In the end, however, I really disliked this one. Tinted for pink undertones, it didn’t suit my skin colour at all. Like the Protection Plus, I wonder how it would sit on darker skin tones? Again, it felt greasy on my face. It’s heavily rose scented which I do not like. The SPF stung my eyes. A lot. So again, I used this one on my arms and chalked it up to experience.

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