Alpha-H Vitamin C


What is it? A Vitamin C serum.
What does/should it do? An antioxidant serum: brighten and even skin tone, repair free radical damage (and prevent further damage), support collagen production.
Repurchase? Not my fave Vitamin C serum. I won’t repurchase.

Vitamin C, or at least some form of antioxidant, should be in everyone’s skincare routine. Once you’ve convinced your teenager to clean his face (and body!) and wear her SPF, every day*, an antioxidant is the next best face goo you can introduce.

*If you have genuinely convinced your teen to bathe and apply face goo, please tell me how you achieved this miracle of parenting.

There’s no reason to not use an antioxidant, at any age, (unless of course you cannot tolerate the ingredients on your skin. You do you, obviously). While I sit here wondering how my formerly full cheeks have started to just slide down my face, I’m on a quest to find the Vitamin C that gives me back my ‘Oh, you look well!’ glow as well as giving my collagen a fighting chance. Let’s be real, I’m more hopeful about the glow.

This Vitamin C came with the Alpha H Vitamin Serum Kit, and so I’m using it because it’s here. I have to tell you, though, it’s not my fave Vitamin C. In fact, if it’s doing anything for me at all, it’s continuing the work done by previous products I’ve used. I can’t see any additional brightening or evening-out of my skin tone. Obviously, your skin is not my skin and you may have different results, but I am disappointed by this bottle of goo.

I am still using it, because I paid for it, and because my skin is not actively going backwards while I’m working my way through the bottle. But, silver linings and all, when this one is done it means I can move onto a new product with a light heart. I won’t be leaving a beloved serum behind in the quest for something shiny and new (let’s face it, we’re all susceptible to shiny and new, or you wouldn’t be here!)

Alpha-H’s Vitamin C serum (everytime I type that I end up with Vitamic C) is Ethyl Ascorbic Acid in a water base. That means you can use it with your other water-based serums, before you move onto oils and moisturisers, and that’s the way I prefer to use Vitamin C in my routine. Your skin converts this to a usable form of Vitamin C, which will help improve collagen production, protect against free radical damage, and – the brightening effect – help inhibit melanin production.

Added into the mix is liquorice extract – adding more melanin inhibition – and grape seed extract – adding more antioxidant effects. Finally, as with all the serums in Alpha-H’s Vitamin range, hyaluronic acid is in there, adding moisture to your skin. I am never not adding moisture to the layers of my face.

If you’re starting out with Vitamin Cs, or you’ve grabbed Alpha-H’s Vitamin Serum Kit, this isn’t a serum to avoid. It’s a stable water-based formula, with a shelf-life (once opened) of twelve months. It’s a formulation that hasn’t caused my any irritation at all – sometimes you can feel the active in Vitamin C stinging ‘tingling’ for a few seconds, but I haven’t had any from this serum. It’s not grainy, or sticky, and fits comfortably in my routine. It ticks a lot of boxes, just not mine.

Alpha-H Vitamin C is $59.46 from Adore Beauty.

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