Alpha-H Vitamin E


What is it? Vitamin E serum

What does/should it do? Help calm stressed and sensitised skin.

Repurchase? Yes, possibly.

Alpha-H Vitamin E serum is the final of the four in the Vitamin Serum Kit, and it has turned out to be a sleeper hit in my household. Billed in the kit as ‘skincare’s first aid’, I underestimated it at first. My skin is fine, I thought.

Dear reader, how wrong I was.

Vitamin E got its first chance to shine when my SPF-refusing family spent too much time in the sun.

It hurts! they whinged, full of regret.

Do I have a product for you! I countered smugly.

They refuse to wear sunscreen (or any skincare) because they don’t like the feeling of stuff on their skin. They both readily consented to my treating their various burns with Vitamin E serum, however, and we were all amazed at how fast the burns healed.

Obviously, this is not medical advice, but it made a remarkable difference to the healing processes on various body parts, not just faces.

I’ve since added Vitamin E into my regular routine, on the evenings I’m not using Vitamin A. At first, it was because I felt I needed something on my face on those rest nights – although a moisturiser would do, I consistently had the feeling I was forgetting something important by skipping the serum step. Then I noticed it was actually doing something. Who knew? I feel like it calms my skin on those not-retinol nights, helping it recover faster from the stress Vitamin A puts it under. They are a great tag-team combination on my face.

Vitamin E calms redness and inflammation, which is the first step you want when you’ve stressed out your skin, either by too much sun, using a product that doesn’t agree with your face or, as with me, deliberately putting the pressure on with retinol.

It can help boost collagen production, which again helps restore stressed skin by fortifying your skin’s healing process and reinforcing its barrier. Alpha-H’s formula adds Macadamia Seed oil to repair and protect barrier function, and Evening Primrose Oil for its anti-inflammatory skills and creating of a layer to prevent trans-epidermal water loss – basically, helping your skin repair by preventing moisture loss.

Mix it with a Hyaluronic Acid if your skin is feeling particularly dry or tight, follow up with a deliciously hydrating moisturiser, and your skin will thank you for it. Although I don’t think it’s strictly necessary, a Vitamin E serum is a lovely addition to your skincare kit – both for times when you need emergency repair, and for when you need to calm your skin down after you’ve been a bit hard on it.

As summer approaches, here in Australia, I’ll be keeping it on hand for more smug rescuing of my family, slathering it over them before commencing my I told you so dance.

Alpha-H Vitamin E is $42.46 from Adore Beauty.

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