Aspect Envirostat Face SPF50


What is it? SPF.

What does/should it do? Protect your skin parts from the sun.

Repurchase? Absolutely.

Aspect Envirostat Face SPF50 is one of a few sunscreens I will consistently reach for. Because I’m in a committed relationship with Vitamin A, I am also on the hunt for a long-term SPF love. I’ve been a diligent SPF user since my late twenties, but only because I was taking medication that increased by sensitivity to the sun. For a long time I bought SPF from the supermarket and hated it.

But I had to wear it. As we all should.

The right SPF for me needs to be certified as at least 50 in Australia. We have some of the most stringent SPF testing in the world – as rightly we should, occupying the space under the hole in the ozone layer. Just as importantly, for me, I can’t be doing with SPF that makes my eyes sting. If I won’t want to wear it, I won’t wear it, and then what’s the point?

Ideally, I want to be able to wear it on my face and not feel like I ate thirteen potato cakes in one sitting. They all say they’re non-greasy, but not all formulas are created equal. I don’t care if I look shiny, because that’s what setting powder is for, I just don’t want to feel oily.

I also appreciate that what I’m looking for in a sunscreen may be different to what you’re looking for. I don’t care if it doesn’t play nicely with my makeup, because that’s what primer is for. I’m not fussed on the distinction between the misnomers physical and chemical sunscreen (everything’s a chemical). I’m unfussed on ‘reef friendly’ because I don’t ever put my face in any water other than the shower, but I appreciate this is a concern for many, so be aware this SPF contains Octocrylene.

I hate the beach.

It’s taken me a while to fully appreciate Envirostat. It’s a thick formula, and it took me longer than you’d think to realise that I should warm it up vigorously in my hands before trying to apply it to my face. Once it’s warm, though, it spreads easily without feeling like I’m pulling harshly at my skin. The pump is a good idea in theory but dispenses so little product at a time – I need a good 5 or 6 pumps to get the teaspoon of product for my face – and about halfway through the tube, the pump just stopped dispensing entirely. I ditched it and now just unscrew the top to get directly at the goodness inside.

The sunscreen smells like unripe bananas, which is a little weird but also nicer than something floral, and in any case the fragrance disperses rapidly.

Can you see the difference in shine in these two photos? The first is my bare face, skincare done, sans SPF. The second is the SPF immediately applied – I can see some shine at my the side of my face, the middle of my forehead, and my undereye area. Once it’s absorbed into my face (remembering you should apply ‘chemical’ SPF at least 20 minutes before you’re in the sun to give it time to start working), I don’t feel shiny, I don’t feel like there is product ‘sitting’ on my face, I don’t feel like a greaseball. And when I get back from my daily walk, I don’t feel like I’ve been out in the sun unprotected.

It’s not my platonic ideal of an SPF, but it’s pretty damn close, and I’ll be getting more as we head into summer.

Aspect Envirostat Face SPF50 75ml is $38 from Adore Beauty and, through to 30 September 2020, Adore Beauty has 20% off the Aspect SPF range.


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