Aspect Hydrating Mask


What is it? Face mask.

What does/should it do? Hydrate and plump your skin.

Repurchase? A good investment, but not a repurchase for me.

Aspect Hydrating Mask came into my life as an alternative to sheet masks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sheet mask, and they’re in season right now. I especially love the intense boost of hydration I get from them – my dry, tired eyes can’t get enough.

The waste of using a bio-cellulose mask for 20 minutes and then throwing it away doesn’t sit well with me, though. Even if the mask itself is biodegradable (given the right conditions), the packaging may not be. Companies who partner with TerraCycle (for example) require the packaging to be brought back to the store, which is no help for prolific online shoppers who live in the country – even before Covid bought leaving the house to a halt.

So, I was in the market for a mask in a tube. After I realised that a non-sheet mask ‘mask’ is just a rich and nourishing moisturiser, I was extremely on board with giving the Aspect Hydrating Mask a go. 

The Hydrating Mask does what it says on the tin tube, which I always appreciate from a skincare investment because it’s not a given.

As a mask, it feels cooling and hydrating, and I especially enjoy using it after I’ve gone in with a clay mask. Aspect suggests using a ‘large pearl sized’ amount as a mask, leaving for up to 20 minutes, and I can see hydration and bounce back in my face after following these instructions.

After embracing Vitamin B, which has repaired my skin barrier and reduced the need for a clay shot (what blackheads? I haven’t seen any for months), I don’t need a weekly hydration chaser. This is where I appreciate a tube of product rather than a single-use mask. If you need a rich night cream, use a thin layer at the end of your evening routine – just make sure you’re not doing it right before bed, because you pillow will end up more nourished than your face.

This is a product that doesn’t absorb into your skin quickly, which I am guessing is what makes it a ‘mask’ rather than a ‘moisturiser’. I can slather it on in the middle of the afternoon and still feel enough product sitting on my face to massage it in at bedtime.

The least important, but still my favourite aspect (pun unintentional, but I’ll allow it), part is the citrusy fragrance: orange, tangerine and lemon are the antioxidants in here, and I’m already huge fan of a citrus scent over a floral one. There’s a combination of vitamins to calm and illuminate the skin. Everyone’s favourite, Hyaluronic Acid, is in there to add moisture, and this is backed up with Shea Butter and Glycerin: again, adding moisture, but also creating a barrier so your new hydration won’t just evaporate again.

While I really enjoy this mask, I won’t be repurchasing, and that’s not the fault of the product. My face is exceptionally prone to milia (lumpy white dots), and a rich moisturiser makes it worse – which is exactly what this Hydrating Mask is. If you’ve especially dry skin, or you like a good drying clay mask session, this might be the one for you. For me, a thin layer once a week is the most my face will handle.

In saying that, and as I’m writing this, I’m thinking I might try this on my limbs. It might do wonders for my lizard-scale legs in summer, and when I can finally get my legs out it won’t be an issue that the product won’t absorb quickly. I’d rather use up the product on my body than not use it at all!

Aspect Hydrating Mask is $62 from Adore Beauty.

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