Banana Boat Dry Balance Lotion


What is it? SPF 50+

What does/should it do? Protect your skin from the sun.

Repurchase? No.

Banana Boat Dry Balance Lotion SPF50+

This is the last instalment of SPF Month on the #TLDRblog. Do you have a favourite SPF yet? Let me know, in comments or social DM!

I have started to buy (what I consider to be) expensive SPF, because I want something that’s a nice feel on my face as well as protecting me from the Sky Fire. I don’t like the feeling of slapping clag over my face, and I’m too old and cranky to put up with it anymore.

It’s also not often I come across a supermarket-stocked brand that ticks my SPF boxes, which increases my premium on sun protection – again, a choice I make because I’m interested in feeling good as well as protected. Banana Boat Dry Balance Lotion does not tick all my boxes, but I do like it anyway.

SPF50+? Yes.

Makes my eyes sting? No.

Fragrance free? No. This is the sad part.

Although the packaging claims fragrance free, it definitely smells like a supermarket sunscreen. That means there’s nothing masking the ingredients, but I don’t love it. It lingers all day, but I’m not a perfume wearer – if you were, you may find the sunscreen scent is masked by your other layers.

The formula is lovely. It goes on nicely. It feels tingly to begin with, and quickly morphs into a cooling effect – like a lip balm with peppermint in. The Dry Balance Lotion feels hydrating on my skin (including my face) feeling oily or greasy, and it stays that way all day. The matte finish is not enough for me to look dead, and it’s lovely to not have to powder over the top to achieve ‘glow’ instead of ‘grease’.

For me, it’s great for days where I don’t want to be a shimmery sun goddess. It’s the one I reach for when I’m putting on SPF for my evening walk, especially when I know I’ll be doing my nighttime cleansing routine shortly after.

Completely aside: I’m not gonna lie, I really love that Banana Boat have the MSDS for the Dry Balance Lotion on their website. You know I’m a massive nerd.

 Banana Boat Dry Balance Lotion is available from Amazon* (prices on Amazon fluctuate. Also check your local supermarket, Priceline or Chemist Warehouse)

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