Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly/Moisturizing BB-gel


What is it? Moisturiser.
What does/should it do? What it says on the tin. Gel-texture moisture for your face; the BB-gel provides light coverage.
Repurchase? Potentially? I have before, but probably not again.

Clinique is the first skincare brand I can remember seeing. My mum came home with the 3-Step one day, and therefore in my mind it was the ‘grown up’ stuff that could absolutely be trusted. Thank goodness that held up when I actually spent my own money on it.

Clinique don’t put fragrance in their skincare (or any of their products, I believe), which I greatly appreciate. I know fragrance in skincare is not the devil, but I often find it irritating on either a skin/eyes level, or on a ‘I hate this scent’ level. It’s easier to just avoid it where I can, because either version of the irritation makes me cranky for spending money on a product I can’t or won’t use.

I do use this. In fact, I’ve been through a few variations of the Dramatically Different range including the iD system. I keep buying it so, in general, you can call me a fan. I’ll probably keep buying it, or at least keep buying some form of Clinique moisturiser. I’m working through two products at the moment: the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing BB-gel.

These two are same-but-different moisturisers. The Hydrating Jelly is a clear, lightweight gel-texture moisturiser. I don’t like heavy or rich moisturisers at any time of the day or year, and this one fits the bill nicely – even though it’s not quite enough for winter. That’s just my skin, not the fault of the product, and I always chuck on SPF over the top which adds enough moisture to get me through the additional dryness that winter brings to my skin.

I’ve been using the Hydrating Jelly on my arms and legs this winter as well. It absorbs into the skin so quickly, which means I can get dressed instead of standing around cold and naked in my bathroom. It’s probably an expensive way to use a face cream, but nevertheless I’m enjoying it.

The Dramatically Different Moisturising BB-gel is a newer release in the range. I was curious to try it mainly because I’m not a foundation-wearer. One of my go-to SPFs has a tint, but I wanted something those times when I don’t necessarily want SPF – mainly, going out in the evening. Covid put the kibosh on that, of course. It’s definitely a product aimed at my skin-tone, which is disappointing – anything darker than olive tones is not going to see results.

Despite months of use, I always find the BB-gel particularly alarming when it first goes on. It’s grey with flecks like you’d find in a good quality vanilla bean paste – the idea being that the colour adapts to your skin tone. But when it first goes onto my face it has the orange-brown hue of a terrible fake tan, far too dark and far too orange for my skin. I panic and make sure I’ve covered my ears, neck, and décolletage as well, so that the awful colour is at least awfully even.

I am really talking this one up, aren’t I?

The excellent news is that as the product absorbs into your skin, it softens down into a there-but-not tint. Little-to-no coverage, it instead evens my skin tone and adds a deeper shade of colour, but nothing so much that my concealer no longer matches. I find myself reaching for this every day, not just ‘leave the house’ days. Remember leaving the house?

The BB-gel seems to be only available with Clinique’s iD system: additional cartridges that dispense serum evenly with the moisturiser. The Hydrating Jelly can be purchased as-is or with a cartridge, but I found the cartridges didn’t disperse evenly with the Hydrating Jelly. The BB-gel has a texture closer to the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, which I had no problems using with the cartridge system.

I’m not wholly sold on the BB-gel. I enjoy the hydration, but I am keen to try other makeup brands and find my ride-or-die coverage – especially if I can support a brand with a more inclusive shade range. The Hydrating Jelly has been a repurchase, but again I might look around for something else lightweight but a little more hydrating.

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 200ml is $70 at Clinique

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing BB-gel is $65 atClinique

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