Hello! I’m Elizabeth

How did we get here?

Two years ago, I finally got sick and tired of looking at a pale, dull, tired woman in the mirror. My skin had always been well behaved, but now it was simply lacklustre. I looked like a tired and stressed working mum.

Which, of course, I am.

Who did I turn to? YouTube. Obviously.

Utterly convincible, I took the leap with The Ordinary. Inexpensive and delivered straight to my house without me needing to pretend I knew what I was talking about at the Myer counter: what could possibly go wrong?

Where are we now?

It was the beginning of my love affair with Adore Beauty‘s complementary Tim Tams and with all the skincare goodies I can afford.

I’m based in a small country town in Australia, which means with the power of the internet I have access to everything (for a fee and an interminable wait for the post). Everything I post here is available in Australia (or was when I purchased it), and usually available from Australian retailers; prices are in Australian dollars unless I paid in a different currency.

What are we doing?

No-one in my real life cares two figs for this new obsession, so here I’m writing love letters and (hopefully) constructive criticism to the goo I put on my face, the stuff I spend money on, and the things I give my time to.

Let’s chat.

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