In my bag and on my desk…

…and next to my chair in the lounge, and next to my bed, and on top of the microwave.

Just as with pens and notepads, I always need to be within three steps of a lip balm and a hand cream. I get cranky when something’s been moved and I can’t immediately lay my hands on it, although let’s face it: I’m usually the one who moved it.

The lip balm I’ve used for years is Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm. It’s cheap, it feels nice on my dry old lips, and the vanilla one tastes amazing. I don’t find it to be a long-term moisturiser for my lips, when when my lips feel dry and uncomfortable it’s a great surface-level balm. I reckon I’ve gone through about twenty of them. The twist-up bullet makes it amazing for applying at the traffic lights. Don’t keep one in your car, though, in an Australian summer. Melted beeswax is a pain to get out of your office-wear. (Remember when we worked in offices? I vaguely recall the start of 2020.) 

A more recent discovery is the Salus Kakadu Plum Lip Balm. Although it comes in a pot, which means you need to get your finger right in there and give it a good old rub before you apply, I love it. It’s incredibly hydrating for my lips which means, in the best possible way, the more I use it, the less I need to use it. Kakadu Plum is an Australian ingredient gaining traction, in both food and skincare, as a powerful antioxidant. The 20 ml pot is also huge, in lip balm terms, which means it will take you three hundred years to use it up (please don’t take three hundred years). I love it so much I ended up decanting it into some spare pots for the places I most need it: my desk, my kitchen, and at work. I’m keen to try their other lip balms when my stash of Burt’s Bees around the house is used up; I will report back.

My constant hand companion is a new discovery for me this year. Historically I’ve shunned hand creams because they’re too greasy and too fragranced. I hate finding greasy fingerprints on my keyboard and phone, and one of my hobbies is needlework – I don’t want that residue on my fabric. But my hands are nearly 40 and are desperately in need of something.

The Chemistry Brand Hand Chemistry has been a delightful find. The Chemistry Brand is under the Deciem umbrella with a tiny, but expanding, product range. The Hand Chemistry is hydrating, sinks in fast and is genuinely non-greasy on my skin. I don’t find the slight fragrance to be offensive (and it doesn’t last long anyway). I found this stuff at the start of March, and two weeks later I was ordering more for both me and my extended family, to combat the Covid handwashing. In the Deciem way, they make vast claims about fighting the signs of aging on your hands, but it’s really down to the hydration your hands are getting – and I really do rate it for putting moisture into your skin.

L’Occitane is a wildcard here. The Shea Butter Hand Cream came into my life via a charity beauty box and I had intended to pass it on to my sister. Instead, it gives the same moisture-without-greasiness as the Hand Chemistry. It is, however, L’Occitane, and so it’s fragranced. I find the fragrance quickly dulls down into something similar to their shower oils: it lingers and I’m not into lingering fragrance, but I don’t actively hate this one. I’ll use it up, but it’s definitely the hand cream I reach for the least and probably won’t repurchase.

I also have The Chemistry Brand’s Heel Chemistry next to my bed. My feet are always dry and uncomfortable, and I like to apply a foot cream as I’m getting in bed – mainly because I will probably slip over and cause myself considerable harm if I wandered about with freshly-moisturised feet. It also does what it says on the tin: it’s a rich, pepperminty cream. Not for you if you don’t like peppermint, but I feel the tingly, cooling peppermint working. Despite the peppermint, I find it doesn’t aggravate the psoriasis on my feet either. 

Let me add the usual disclaimer here of my skin not being your skin but, really, if you have a skin condition I am confident you are already aware of the need to test products for yourself, and of what the triggers for your skin usually are.

The final thing that must live on my desk, in my bathrooms and in my bag, is Alpha-H’s Moisture Boosting Facial Mist. Although this is something I’ve repurchased a lot (and I currently own four of them), to be fair I haven’t actually tried any other hydrating mist. This one ticked the price, fragrance, and efficacy boxes, and so I’ve never moved on. Alas! Alpha-H have discontinued it, so if you have hydrating mist suggestions, I’d really love an excuse to buy and road face test them!

This page does not contain affiliate links. All products featured were purchased. Products trialled on my skin and may not be suitable for yours. Have an excellent day!

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