Intimina KegalSmart


What is it? Pelvic floor trainer.

What does/should it do? Uses biofeedback to help you exercise and strengthen pelvic floor.

Repurchase? If you need help with your pelvic floor, yes.

This is a super personal review to write, but in the spirit of Women’s Health Week, here it goes. Let’s be honest, though, this pelvic floor exerciser is for anyone with a vagina, not just women.

What’s mama’s favourite thing to do? Wee!

I make a joke of it but, really, it’s incredibly embarrassing to have a weak pelvic floor. I had two children in extremely quick succession (their birthdays are 54 weeks apart), but did I do pelvic floor exercises pre- and post-pregnancy? Lol, no. I just didn’t remember, and I put up with the consequences for a decade.

It’s really tiring being the person who always needs to know where the public toilet is. To set your watch to the hourly loo breaks. To be that person who needs to stop on road or hiking trips. It’s tedious. Did I talk to a medical professional about it? Absolutely not. I knew the answer: strengthen that pelvic floor.

(This is the part where I disclaim my actions. Please do not follow this terrible example. Please talk to a medical professional.)

When I found the Intimina KegalSmart it sounded like a mixture of very clever device and snake oil. This ‘intimate accessory’ (their words) vibrates at intervals throughout a routine of three to five minutes. Each vibration is a signal to contract and hold the pelvic floor muscles, and the device senses the strength of your contraction and adjusts the routine accordingly the next time you use it. Sounds good, right? But I was sceptical.

Do you need an expensive tool to help your pelvic floor? Absolutely not. I’ve met me and my exercise habits before, though. I know that I’ll exercise if I have someone telling me what to do and when, and that if I spend a chunk of money on something I’ll use it to allay the guilt of spending the money.

I’ve been using the KegalSmart for nearly six months, and the results are both exactly what I expected and lifechanging. It took only a few weeks – less than a cycle – to notice a difference. Instead of a three-minute warning of YOU NEED TO WEE NOW, it’s more of a yeah, you’re going to want to take care of that in the next half hour or so. I deeply appreciate this, working on a retail shop floor. I reckon I could make it through a whole movie I paid an exorbitant amount to watch, if cinema-going were still a thing people did. A reasonable-length movie, not Avengers: Endgame. More practically, it makes a difference to where my menstrual cup sits, especially when it’s full.

When you turn it on, a flashing light indicates your ‘level’. The device has five levels, and I’ve not made it past level 3. This is due, I suspect, to my multitasking when I use it. Rather than standing around concentrating on good form, like you should with any exercise, I use the KegalSmart in the shower each morning while I’m washing my face, my hair, shaving my legs. It doesn’t get my full attention. In fact, some mornings it’s simply a multipurpose timer to remind me to get out of the shower after three minutes. But even this poor effort is making a difference.

When I first started using the device, I quickly realised that fluid was pooling in the gap between lid and body of the device, which I was not expecting. In hindsight, how could it not? I DMed a friend with far more experience of sex toys than I have, who assured me this was incredibly normal for battery-operated devices, whilst also openly laughing at me.

Despite this initial hiccup I’ve found it super easy to take care of, which I appreciate. I rinse it, then open the lid and gently wipe with a damp cotton pad. I dry the whole thing and store it in the matching pink drawstring bag (it’s certainly not discreet!) Once a week or so I use the recommended-but-not-necessary Intimina Intimate Accessory Cleaner, an alcohol-free sanitiser. You can also simply use soap. I don’t use the KegalSmart on my period, although you absolutely could and I did in the first couple of months. I store it without the battery in that week, but again I don’t think that’s strictly necessary. It does remember what level I’m up to when I remove the battery.

A lot of the ad copy for the KegalSmart, and other pelvic floor exercises, mention the ‘improvement’ to your sex life. I was deeply sceptical of this, because wouldn’t a stronger pelvic floor only benefit a partner with a penis? Not my problem. I didn’t realise that a stronger pelvic floor means stronger contractions, which of course is what is happening during orgasm. My penis-wielding partner notices a difference, and so do I.

Here are more disclaimers: none of this is medical advice. Intimina recommend that you don’t use the KegalSmart if you’re pregnant or if you’ve given birth within the previous 12 months without talking to a medical professional, They also strictly discourage use if you have symptoms of an STI, a pelvic infection, or any inflammation in your pelvic area but, obviously, if you have any of those you should already be talking to a medical professional.

This isn’t a ‘repurchase?’ product, it’s an investment. Gym equipment for your pelvic floor. Would I invest again? I’ve had impressive results, but I’ll be interested to see how long the device lasts before making a repurchase decision. In theory, I shouldn’t have to repurchase at all.

Do I still have to wee all the time? Well, yeah. I drink an awful lot of water and coffee. The first helps me live, and the other helps me survive.

Intimina KegalSmart is $149 from Adore Beauty.

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