Modibodi Undies


What is it? Period undies

What does/should it do? Provide you period protection.

Repurchase? Yes.

Modibodi undies - front

Modibodi have been on my radar for a few years as an alternative form of period protection, but it’s only been recently that I’ve seriously looked at adding period undies to my arsenal.

My teenager, recently given The Talk at high school, came home with a variety of pads and tampons donated by a particular brand’s PR team but with a recommendation from The Talk facilitator to look into Modibodi. I love that there are mainstream, easily accessible options now.

After my Bloody Comfy review, several of you recommended or asked about Modibodi – which I was pleased about because my order was already on its way. Modibodi is an Australian company, leading the way in promoting a variety of body sizes, shapes, and colours in their product advertising, as well as being inclusive of those bodies in their products. They have ranges specifically for teenagers, and specifically for those without a uterus: sweating and other leakage occurs to us all (and I would absolutely recommend these if you have need sneaky wee protection).

You called me out on the Bonds review for not mentioning sizing – in particular Bonds’ lack of options – and that was my fail. Modibodi sizing (depending on your chosen style) is between a 4 and 26 in their ‘Women’ range, S to 3XL in ‘Men’, and between 8-10 and 14-16 in the ‘Youth’ styles. I wear a size 12 here; my normal undies size is either a 10 or a 12.

Again, I opted for the Classic, full brief, with the heaviest absorbency, because that’s how I roll.

Modibodi undies - back

My first impression of these was how comfy they feel. There are fewer absorbent layers than the Bonds, making for an overall thinner gusset, but the absorbent layers run right up the back to the undies giving a similar overall capacity. Unlike the Bonds, I feel more comfortable that the undies won’t leak through the gusset when they’re full. However, if you’re someone who needs the ability to absorb a lot of liquid quickly (that 2am flood when the bathroom is always two steps too far away), I think the Bonds does a better job. Modibodi is my go-to daytime protection, when I’m awake and more able to deal with emergencies.

They wash up nicely, with no twisting of the layers in the machine – although recommended to use a lingerie bag, I’ve given up bothering.

How often you need to change will depend on you and what you’re up to – I found after a 12-hour wear the odour was a bit…there, but also I expected nothing different after such a long day.

Modibodi packaging information

Although I said previously that period undies weren’t going to replace my setup, I’ve since switched entirely – and so has my kid! I can’t think of anything better to avoid the excruciating agony that is everyone hearing the crinkle of your tampon wrapper in the Year 8 Girls Toilets.

Modibodi* is available in various shapes and prices from Modibodi.

*If you like, this link will give you (and me) a $15 voucher.

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