September 2020 #TLDRs

I hope I don’t offend you by saying this, but it’s the end of September. I know! 2020 has been a mind game. It’s warming up in my part of the world, which means perhaps I should start thinking about Christmas shopping?

That’s a lie. I’ve already started Christmas shopping.

Anyway, some of the things that got me through are:


Aesop Post-Poo Drops

What is it? Bathroom deodoriser.

What does/should it do? Make life more pleasant for those who have to use the bathroom after you’ve done your business.

Why am I loving it? I was absolutely influenced into this by UK content creators who’ve raved about both this and other Aesop products. Given that Aesop is an Australian brand and therefore cheaper for me to buy, I thought I may as well. Turns out the citrus and ylang ylang oils are right up my fragrance street and, given five minutes, it does actually do what it says on the tin.

Repurchase? I’m really enjoying this, and I’ll be buying a second bottle to go in the second toilet.


L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

What is it? Body wash.

What does/should it do? Cleans you!

Why am I loving it? Another product raved about by content creators but, ultimately, I decided to grab one to help with summer dry skin. Very quickly I discovered my teenager was ‘helping’ to use it up, but hey, whatever encourages your teen to bathe! It’s great as a shave oil, it moisturises my skin, and I enjoy the fragrance of both this and the Shea version. Bonus: L’Occitane provide refill pouches for their bottles, so you don’t have to keep buying plastics you don’t need. If you do grab one, I highly recommend you buy (or decant a refill into) a pump-action bottle. The smaller ones L’Occitane sell need to be picked up to use, which leads to dropping it in the shower, which leads to sadness.

Repurchase? This is my third bottle, and I’m not giving it up any time soon.


Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm

What is it? Body moisturiser.

What does/should it do? Hydrate your skin.

Why am I loving it? I find Aesop face products to be far too heavily fragranced for me, but in a body cream I don’t mind that so much. It’s the fragrance here that I’m loving – you’ll get better hydration in something far more affordable. The citrus oils – pink grapefruit, orange, and lemon – take me straight back to summer as a kid, endlessly devouring juicy, dripping oranges. Typically, then and now, oranges trigger my eczema and so I really should avoid eating them in sufficient quantity, but the body balm reminds me summer is coming back.

Repurchase? No. This was a gift with purchase, and I wouldn’t buy it.


Trinny London Golden Glow

What is it? Gel bronzer. The shade I’m using is Jensta.

What does/should it do? It’s a bronzer, so it’ll add warmth to your skin wherever you apply it.

Why am I loving it? The gel formula makes it really (really!) hard to stuff up application. Trinny London’s Match2Me feature lets you get a good colour match if you’re wary. I like it on the high points of my face, across the bridge of my nose, and on my collarbones.

Repurchase? Absolutely.


Dripster Cold Brew Coffee Maker

What is it? Drip coffee gadget.

What does/should it do? Cold drip is sweeter than your regular hot-brewed coffee; similar to cold brew but it’s faster to prepare. This guy makes enough for four (strong) cups, which I top up with water and a splash of milk.

Why am I loving it? Coffee is life, and cold brew is delicious life. But, it’s also delicious warmed up in the microwave, if it happens to be the end of September but it’s snowing out there.

Repurchase? It’s an investment, not a repurchase, but I would absolutely buy again if a terrible accident befell this one.

This page does not contain affiliate links. All products featured were purchased or were gifts with purchase. Products trialled on my skin and may not be suitable for yours. Have an excellent day!

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