Spring 2020 Skincare Routine


I’m upping my antioxidant game as the weather turns warmer, because there is no way I’m not going out into the sun.

The change of season is always a great time to re-evaluate your skincare wardrobe. I mean, you should always be evaluating: looking at your skin, making sure you’re using the products your skin needs, and that the products you’ve invested in are doing what you want them to do. For me, the change of season is about looking forward to the sun coming back in my life (spring) or distracting myself from the sun leaving my life (autumn) and never coming back (winter).

It’s also about the change in my life routines. Because the sun has finally come back to me, I spend a lot of time outside. Walking is my exercise of choice because it’s so great for my mental health, but it’s also directly under the fire in the sky, which I am extremely here for. Of course, that makes SPF the most important thing in my skincare routine, but you know I already use a 50+ year-round.

For spring, I’m focusing on the antioxidants. Antioxidants will help protect from sun damage, but also help repair sun damage and pigmentation. Because my previous antioxidant was doing nothing for me, I do have pigmentation I would rather not have. Spring’s antioxidant will have to work hard to both repair and protect. Spoiler: I’m trialling Summer Fridays CC Me Serum and I absolutely love it.

My mornings:

My evenings:

Whatever the season you’re transitioning to, have a look at everything on your shelf and get rid of stuff that you should have thrown out long ago:

  • things that have expired and are funky-smelling;
  • things that are empty but you’ve kept to remind yourself to repurchase;
  • things that just aren’t working for you, but you spent money on them and can’t bear to part with just yet.

Have a proper spring clean of your products.

Are you changing up your skincare for spring? Are you trying something new? Let me know!

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