Tan-Luxe Super Glow


What is it? A gradual face tanning serum.
What does/should it do? Give you a tanned glow without drying out your skin.
Repurchase? Already have!

To be honest with you, I had really been scared to dip my toe face into the fake tanning waters. It just seems like so much faff. Exfoliate, moisturise, make a mess of your bathroom, and then make a mess of the tan on your hands, elbows, wrists. And that’s even if you can manage to not make it streaky. Not for me, no sir.

But I needed it. I wasn’t just pale, I was a sickly, yellowish pale. Sallow.

And then like manna from heaven, Tan-Luxe dropped this game-changer. Super Glow is exactly what I needed – a no brainer that easily fits into my routine, one that I literally cannot stuff up.

The directions here suggest 4-12 drops once a week, to which I thought steady on, mate. I don’t want to be a bronzed goddess, I want to look like a non-perimenopausal woman. Instead, I go for three drops in my hyaluronic acid step of a morning. It keeps my skin a little glowy and, in my opinion (which is all I’m after) I look a lot healthier.

Buyer beware! In giving myself a fake colour, I missed the signs in my face that I was on a swift dive into anaemia. Tired, dizzy, lightheaded? Sure, but that’s usual. Aversion to meat? Sure, but I’m trying to eat less of it anyway. Pale in my face and dark(er than usual) circles under my eyes? Nope! Is this the fault of the product? Absolutely not.

Tax-Luxe have added plenty of antioxidants, moisture-builders and inflammation-reducers in the formula, and it’s really lovely to put on your face. It does have a slight tan scent; the tanning active is DHA, so you can’t avoid it, but like serums the scent fades as quickly as the product as absorbed.

The big selling point of Super Glow is the hyaluronic acid, marketed to fit easily into your skincare routine. With two molecular weights of HA, it does the job. I do find it drying, rather than plumping, and at only 3 drops per day to achieve the level of tan I’m after it’s not enough product to cover my face. I have always mixed the Super Glow with my daily HA to get the coverage I want for face, neck, and ears.

Do not forget your ears! I was doing only my face to begin with, and very quickly had an obvious tan line at the edge of my ears. A quick swipe of product up over my ears, down my neck, and around to the back of my neck makes the darker colour look even.

Your level of glow is completely customisable so you can start small and build up, or go in hard. On my face, it takes about two days to achieve the glow and then I’m just maintaining it. It’s literally no extra step in my morning skincare, and I don’t have to put aside a whole fake-tanning day. I wouldn’t do that anyway. Who can be bothered?

I absolutely love this stuff and am incredibly uninterested in not having it on my face every day. A constant repurchase.

Tan-Luxe Super Glow is $59 from Sephora.

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