The Inkey List Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment


What does/should it do? Brighten and even skin tone, including hyperpigmentation areas.

What is it? Night treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Repurchase? Potentially?

The Inkey List Tranexamic Night Treatment packaging

All of us, at some time, have parts of our bodies we’re not loving. You either learn to live with it, or do something about it (or neither, which just makes you sad and is not my recommendation). Ultimately, all the money I invest in my face is the result of this vanity: I don’t like a thing, so I’m going to do something about it.

The Inkey List Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment is part of my routine because I have sun-damage pigmentation under my eyes. They are perfectly positioned to accentuate my bags by providing a natural shadow, and I am not here for that. Pigmentation is simply areas of skin that are darker than your usual skin tone. My troublesome spot is barely more than a shadow, most days, and like the rest of my under eye, I slather on the concealer and get on with my day. There really is not much to be done for genetically-blessed dark circles.

Honestly, between the freaking out and ordering, and the three weeks it took the international parcel to arrive (if you can find something you want from The Inkey List in at their Australian distributor, Sephora Australia, you’re luckier than I), I’d calmed down. Concealer really does do the job.

I can fix sun spots, though. Maybe. That is the main question here: does the Tranexamic Acid work?

Yes. Slowly.

The post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that remains after my pimple friends have gone fades within a week, which is nice. A regular skin cell turnover cycle is around six weeks, which is why that hyperpigmentation usually lingers on your skin, if you’re someone who still gets pimple friends.

For sunspots and other pigmentation, I have seen slower results on my face, but it is slowly working. Tranexamic Acid used topically will prevent the darker pigmentation in the deeper layers of your skin rising to the top layers where you can see them.

(This is where I pause to remind you to wear your SPF. The damage you did to your skin in your teens and twenties is the sun spots you start seeing in your thirties and forties. It’s already there, hiding in the deeper layers of your skin.)

Eventually the pigment will stop rising to the surface, and through your natural cell turnover the pigment you can see will disappear. One day, in theory and with consistent use of a product like this, you should be pigmentation-free. I accelerate my cell turnover with regular retinol and AHA exfoliation, but I’m under no illusion: the damage to my skin must be great (I know how much SPF I did not wear in my twenties), and only continual use of a pigment-targeting product over an extended period is going to show the results I want to see. If you want speed, you need to see a professional in a clinic.

The Inkey List Tranexamic Night Treatment packaging

Even if turns out that my pigmentation never really fades the way I want it to, the Acai Berry and Vitamin C in the formula are doing an excellent, noticeable job. Acai Berry is an antioxidant, so that gives skin calming and repairing benefits which evens skin tone. Vitamin C brightens your skin, and I’ll put it on my face every chance I get.

The Inkey List recommend that you use the Tranexamic Acid as the last step in your night routine, and that’s so the active ingredients can get active. But if you find it’s not enough hydration, leave it at least 20 minutes and then go in with your moisturiser.

Final verdict? I am loving the skin tone evening and brightening effects, and it’s a great product for my retinol rest days. Does it work on pigmentation? Slowly – that’s all a topical treatment can do. Would I repurchase? For the price, it’s a great Vitamin C/antioxidant treatment I’d be happy to continue using.

The Inkey List Tranexamic Acid Overnight Treatment is £14.99 from Cult Beauty.

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