Trinny London BFF


What is it? Sheer coverage tinted moisturiser.

What does/should it do? Even out skin tone and provide a base for makeup.

Repurchase? Yes.

Trinny Woodall, of (if you’re a certain vintage) What Not To Wear fame, snuck back onto my radar about a year ago thanks to the YouTube algorithm, and I was quickly convinced to give her makeup range, Trinny London, a go.

The website has an innovative Match2Me feature, where you can enter your skin, hair and eye colour and be told which shades of each product will likely suit you. I put my trust in the quiz (after getting the same result multiple times), ordered a pot, and never looked back.

I held out for a long time to try the tinted moisturiser, BFF, though. I wasn’t sold on the need for it, especially at the price point. The face cream is an adaptive ‘skin perfector’ (their words), using vanilla bean paste-like microspheres to mimic your skin tone, even out redness and provide limited UV protection. Tinted moisturisers and SPFs are my preferred bases, so I already have plenty. The SPF is rated 30 in the UK, which generally translates to an SPF15 in Australian ratings, which is not nearly enough for me.

Most importantly, in all the advertising, I couldn’t tell the difference in the before and after. You can guess, dear reader, that I bought it anyway. I was intrigued as to why the cult-like followers of Trinny couldn’t be without BFF.

As soon as it arrived, I slathered it on my face as you would a moisturiser and closely inspected. No difference. Well.

I carried on with the rest of my face, and then suddenly I noticed. It all just looked even. Lighter than I expected, but only because I’m used to a darker shade – I take my faux glow in many forms. Glowy, not shiny. I am definitely impressed.

BFF has porcelain flower extract to help calm and cover redness and pigmentation, as well as give you a glow. Trinny London will tell you it works on dark circles as well, but I found the SPF in the cream made my eyes sting and so I don’t use it around my eyes. The SPF, however limited, will give you a glow. Everyone’s favourite, Hyaluronic Acid is in there, giving a surface plumping effect. It has a lightweight feel on your skin, and I find it somewhat cooling as well.

It plays nicely with other Trinny London products which I would expect, but this doesn’t always happen in makeup ranges. It’s a nice primer for their heavier concealer/foundation hybrid, Just A Touch. On my face, however, I need a dedicated primer for the areas I conceal: T-zone and eyelids are an oily mess by the middle of the day; undereye is a dry, barren desert.

The scent, rather than of a foundation/base product, reminds me both of plastic dolls I had in the Eighties and sunscreen I was likely forced to wear around the same time. Fortunately, it dissipates quickly.

The skin adaptive technology means the five shades of BFF cover a significantly larger skin tone range, and although I’m seeing positive feedback from users with darker skin tones, that’s also being filtered through the Trinny London marketing team, so that’s not feedback at all. It’s also an expensive product, and this is true of the whole Trinny London range. Although it comes in a pump-action tube, BFF also ships with an empty pot – the Trinny London range is built on portability, with snappable, stackable pots. I feel like decanting the BFF into a pot is just adding more faff than you need to.

I do find I’m reaching for it every day, not just leaving-the-house days. My Match2Me shade was Light and I’m enjoying it with bronzer, but next time (and there’ll likely be a next time) I’ll get Light-Medium. I do like my faux glow.

Trinny London BFF is $65 from Trinny London.

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