Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser

TL;DR: What is it? A non-foaming gel cleanser What does/should it do? A good option for second/morning cleanse, especially if you have oiler and/or acne-prone skin. Repurchase? Yes, but not for me.

In my bag and on my desk…

...and next to my chair in the lounge, and next to my bed, and on top of the microwave. Just as with pens and notepads, I always need to be within three steps of a lip balm and a hand cream.
Hello! I'm Elizabeth

I live in a small Australian country town with the power of buying all the things online and a skincare obsession no one else cares two figs for. I'm writing love letters and (hopefully) constructive criticism to the goo I put on my face, the stuff I spend money on, and the things I give my time to.

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Winter 2020 Skincare Routine

Every season is a good opportunity to reevaluate your skincare wardrobe. Winter in my part of the world means cold and wind, but also sunny and dry. Although I change up the products based on what looks good (ingredients and/or sexy packaging) and what my skin needs, these are the staples working for me right now.

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